Erection is in three stages, therefore erectile dysfunction can be widely divided into three categories. The onset of guilt feelings about having the relationship in the first place further nullifies the energy that the partner having the relationship may still have left. The brain then sends signals through the nervous system, which in turn causes weakening of the penile arteries and constriction of the venous blood vessels, blood circulation increases and blood circulation to the genitals decreases, which in turn causes erection.

Therefore, it lasts until ejaculation occurs or at any stage of failure. These faults can be divided into three relevant categories:

  • Psychological disorders: depression, stress or other emotional factors. These include the so-called weakness of the situation – it usually disappears before sexual intercourse for a man who does not have a daily erection problem. Menstruation is more common when having sex, but this can happen even after older partners have changed or abstained from sex for a long time.
  • Neurological damage: various damage to the nervous system that can be caused by injuries to the spine, as well as various injuries such as disease or excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Vascular damage: arterial vascular damage, often caused by diabetes, smoking or hypertension, which interferes with blood circulation and therefore prevents an erection.

There are many other reasons for medications, but the right cause and correct treatment can only be determined by a specialist, so don’t be ashamed, ashamed or postpone a visit to a urologist for any other reason. However, this is a problem that has a huge impact on general well-being and happiness, and in many cases it is easy to solve with the help of a doctor.

If the problem is not serious and you don’t want to go to the doctor

If erectile dysfunction problems occur only frequently, you don’t want professional help, but if you want to do something about it, there is a lot that can be done and is recommended by a doctor.

Smoking erectile dysfunction. The first and often most important thing is to quit smoking. Smoking constricts blood vessels, damages them and can lead to atherosclerosis, which also complicates blood circulation. Erection problems are one of many smoking-related health problems.

Alcohol erectile dysfunction. It is also important to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Higher doses reduce alcohol consumption and can have a long-term effect. Alcohol has a harmful effect on the liver, which can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, which in turn reduces sexual desire.

It is important to be overweight: weight gain is directly related to erection problems. Overweight men usually also have eating habits, so more attention should be paid to vegetables and fruits in the diet, which include not only the general health of the body, but also the vitamins necessary for a prolonged erection.