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Erectile Dysfunction treatment drugs: the most popular and safest solutions

Drugs for potency help men cope with a situation that can happen in the life of every member of the stronger sex. Excitement, fatigue, stress, and other causes can provoke a phenomenon such as erectile dysfunction, a condition when a man is physically incapable of full sexual intercourse. In such cases, sometimes it is enough to adjust the mode of work and rest, get rid of stress and the next time everything will be at the highest level.

However, it happens that the causes of the problem are deeper, and medications are needed to treat erectile dysfunction. To identify the causes and purpose of the course of treatment, you should contact a urologist, therapist, surgeon, and possibly a sexologist or psychologist. For a short-term effect, the selection of express agents is possible that will relax the muscles of the pelvis and ensure the onset and maintenance of a stable erection. For example, these are drugs for potency, such as:

“Viagra”, “Potential”, “Novagra”, “Konegra”, “Eroton”, “Maxigra”. The active substance is sildenafil, which provides a powerful flow of blood to the penis.
Cialis The active substance is tadalafil, which leads to relaxation of smooth muscles and arteries and provides a quick flow of blood to the tissues of the penis.
Zidena. The active substance of the drug for potency is Udenafil, which enhances the blood supply to the penis, as a result, a stable erection occurs with a minimum of side effects.
Vitamins, natural dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies for male power, which you will find in the section of our catalog “Vitamins and dietary supplements for men”. These are safe products based on natural raw materials that will help to avoid problems with sexual function. The action is slow, but more long-term and complex.
Preparations of male hormones (testosterone and others), which are prescribed by an endocrinologist, urologist. Be sure to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. The results of hormone therapy come with time. These products are sold in the section of our catalog “Male sex hormone preparations”.

Modern drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction do not have an effect without sexual stimulation, that is, the risk of an uncomfortable situation at the most inopportune moment is practically zero. Tablets act at different time intervals after administration – from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the drug, dosage and individual reaction of the body, as indicated in the instructions.

Possible causes of erectile dysfunction

You can use ed pills available for sale at our website to enhance potency only after consulting with your doctor or at least a pharmacist, carefully studying the instructions. For example, there may be restrictions on alcohol intake, incompatibility with certain chronic diseases or other drugs.

Disorders in this area of ​​intimate life are usually a manifestation of other, complex diseases. Therefore, in addition to drugs for potency, which help only in bringing the penis to an erect state, a complete examination and treatment of the underlying disease or condition is necessary. The following factors and diseases lead to this problem:

– violation of vascular blood flow, prostate disease;
– untreated and chronic inflammation, infectious diseases;
– stress, fatigue, psychological problems, lack of movement and sleep;
– diabetes mellitus, malfunction of the nervous or hormonal system;
– overweight, smoking, taking alcohol or other drugs;
– injuries of the spine, pelvic organs, etc.

If a fiasco in the process of intimate caresses happened several times in a row, you can not postpone a visit to the doctor. The faster the reason is found, the easier it will be to recover and return to a full sexual life with the help of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other drugs for men that the doctor will select.

How can I improve my erectile dysfunction?

Taking effective drugs for potency, you can help yourself at the same time, reducing the factors that provoke the problem. It is so, it would seem, just for an adult, and at the same time difficult, – a change in lifestyle, namely:

– A full sleep, a regimen of work and rest: if the body works for wear and tear, he simply has no time for sex, and even the best pharmacy products will be powerless.
– Rejection of bad habits. What is more important for you: another cigarette / glass of beer or the joy of intimacy with a sexual partner? No potency medication will help if a man is chronically drunk or smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.
– To the best of sport: if you are not an athlete – enter physical exercise into your schedule, if there is a lot of sport – reduce classes.
– The use of aphrodisiac products, nuts, spices, herbs, fruits, tinctures and teas with ginseng, nettle, sage, thyme.
– Proper, high-quality and balanced nutrition, the use of fish, seafood is very desirable.
– To increase libido when using drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you can try to connect aroma oils: bergamot, cloves, ylang-ylang, jasmine.
– Avoiding stress, solving psychological problems: now there is a lot of diverse information, even on the Web.

The appearance of a problem can affect the self-esteem of a man and have a negative impact on his life outside of bed. Therefore, if you are a man – take care of your health, take the time to see a doctor, buy in a pharmacy and take medicine in a timely manner to increase potency, and if a woman – treat your beloved man with understanding and support him.

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We wish you all a long and happy sex life!

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