Exercises for erectile dysfunction

In one study, male pelvic floor exercises erectile dysfunction helped 3/4 of men who suffered from various bed problems.

Women are usually advised to fight postpartum urination, but they can also be beneficial for men.

Physiotherapists at James Cook University analyzed data from 650 men who exercised to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. 47% of men with erectile dysfunction reported improvement. In addition, 83% of participants with premature ejaculation reported low ejaculation.

“Weak pelvic floor muscles can directly affect erections and ejaculation,” the researchers said.

Both exercises were used to combat sexual problems. One is to stop urinating by squeezing the muscles, and the other is to lift the fetus with the pelvic floor muscles. The advantage of such “exercises” is that they do not require special time and space and can be integrated into the daily routine. We recommend starting with ten repetitions, gradually increasing the load.