The most important thing is to admit that you have a disease and first of all tell a doctor, even a family doctor who knows us better and can guide us in the right direction. Optional way, many people call it a solution. Medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Stendra, which are part of drug therapy, maybe a temporary solution, but not a suitable solution for a particular patient. The main thing after contacting a professional is to determine the causes of dysfunction. The goal is to treatment of erectile dysfunction the root of the dysfunction, not to treat the symptoms with medication. Therefore, the first important step in ineffective treatment is to make a correct diagnosis and identify the root causes of the problem.

erectile dysfunction doctor Rousseau’s treatment in advanced health care centers is based on several key points:

  • A detailed history and physical examination of the patient are important elements in determining the exact causes of ED.
  • We always recommend a gradual approach, starting with the least invasive option.
  • If initial oral treatment fails, more invasive treatment or secondary studies may be considered.
  • Surgery should be reserved for men who are minimally invasive, untreated, or contraindicated.
  • Monitoring should be individualized and follow-up to assess treatment effectiveness and satisfaction.