When we have an attack on a specific health problem, we usually look for medical means to solve it. Sometimes we are interested in the question “How can I change this tablet?” So this article concerns the treatment of erectile dysfunction not only with drugs, but also with sex therapy and vacuum.

The easiest and fastest way to treat erectile dysfunction – erectile dysfunction drugs?

There were two young women on the bus in front of me. Wedding rings shone on their fingers, and the topics of conversation concerned men. I happened to hear one of them complaining that her husband had been suffering from erectile dysfunction for some time. She was pleased that her sex life would not change, but the man did not want to see a doctor, and without a prescription, drugs for impotence were unfortunately not sold.

“How do you fix erectile dysfunction?” It was clear that women were concerned about the health of their men, but in this case, treatment of erectile dysfunction was not the simplest solution …

A friend only advised him to give pumpkin seeds and ginseng, which should help him restore a broken erection. Oh, they should have known that there are other erection procedures, not just erectile dysfunction or home remedies, the consequences of which are completely unclear …

The Power of Open Conversation: Sexual Therapy

Can sex therapy be performed only between two people? No, definitely not. There may be a romantic dinner between two people, an open conversation about family, work, house, but a third person is needed for sexual therapy – a sex therapist.

A sex therapist is like the captain of a ship who can control a couple’s conversation. One right question is that all nautical miles when it comes to intimate relationships are already blurred, and answering the right question helps to solve sexual problems.

Unfortunately, there are “anchors” in the sexologist’s office. And what without them? In every conversation of a sex therapist, there are often unpleasant silences that are ashamed or reluctant to say something that could disturb, offend or harm their partner. It’s like an anchor hanging in a family or couple relationship and preventing them from swimming. Harder and harder to enjoy and enjoy life.

“When was the last time you made love?” Asks a sexologist sitting in front of a couple of lovers in his office. However, the shy man claims that he made love for the last time when he was not bothered by erectile dysfunction.

One question follows another and an hour is spent in the office of a sexologist and then the couple comes out differently – they know how to solve intimate problems. And not only the erection drugs prescribed by the urologist, but also the theory he received in the sexologist’s office, will be applied in practice – in their bedroom. This combination will help them solve their sexual problems.

Vacuum method: is an erection caused by a vacuum?

For those for whom a sex therapist is dissatisfied, who does not want long and open conversations, wants a faster result, it can become the excitement of an erection in a vacuum.

Yes, you are wrong, a vacuum erection is a procedure in which a rubber ring is applied to the penis using a vacuum to induce an erection that maintains an erection. How are u? And everything is quite simple – a vacuum device enters the penis, which draws mixed venous blood into the body of the tissue and subcutaneous tissue, which leads to an erectile state. After reaching this state, a rubber band is placed on the penis.

Already in the 20th century. the early introduction of these vacuum compressors may not become very popular, but it has helped many men begin to enjoy their intimate life again.

Thus, there are many ways to improve potency or treat erectile dysfunction. You just have to choose the one that suits you best.