Erectile dysfunction

It is a sexual dysfunction in which a man has a problem with tracing the genitals.


  • Erectile dysfunction can be encountered by any man, it can be a short-term disorder that resolves on its own, if the difficulties last longer than 6 months, we speak of erectile dysfunction. The most common problems appear with age, stress, depression, poor lifestyle, alcohol, fatigue, various medications, but also some diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure or nerve control of erectile dysfunction.
  • A psychic cause, which means if you only have a problem in a specific situation, you can solve it yourself or with a psychologist. Conversely, you should see a doctor if your problem escalates and you have an increasing problem with your erection, which may be a more serious condition.
  • As you get older, you may have a problem with decreased sensitivity, you will get an erection, but it takes longer. You can reliably recognize an erection disorder, it can manifest itself in various ways, the worst option is if the penis is not firm and you do not get an erection at all, then the penis is firm but not enough for sexual intercourse, you may also have trouble maintaining an erection when you get an erection, but during contact it decreases.

Erectile dysfunction treatments:

  1. If you have a problem with decreased sensitivity, then you do not have a problem with an erection as such, it only takes you a little longer. For more serious erection problems, the doctor may prescribe medication, with which the man can attend psychotherapy.
  2. Mechanical aids such as penile rings or a vacuum pump are also possible. Injections are less commonly used for men who have low testosterone levels. Even less common is surgery or transplantation of prostheses into the penis. This is the last chance when everything else fails.


The doctor will conduct an initial interview with you, during which he will find out all the necessary information, the examination will continue by palpating the abdomen, penis, testicles and possibly also the prostate. In addition, the doctor will perform blood, urine, heart rate, penis ultrasound and X-ray examinations.

Possible complications

It can be a complication if the erectile dysfunction cause by diseases other than diabetes, atherosclerosis or high blood pressure.


As always, the most appropriate prevention is a healthy lifestyle, reduction of smoking, alcohol and stress, and adequate exercise.

When to see a doctor

You should not hesitate to see a doctor if the problems keep recurring or even escalating, your doctor will do an examination to rule out a more serious illness.