Impotence, or in other words erectile dysfunction at a young age, has become a common problem in our time. It is even quite difficult to determine what kind of disorder is considered early, because a person should ideally maintain potency in old age.

Erectile dysfunction young in men under the age of 35 is considered a disorder – this age is the time of greatest sexual activity in men.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Consider the causes of impotence, which can cause such a problem at a young age. Erectile dysfunction is of two types – psychogenic (when the causes lie in the human psyche – psychological impotence) and organic (disorders in the body that caused erectile dysfunction). A common case is a combination of different degrees of both factors – the cause of impotence in men. It is usually caused by psychological reasons. It is every traumatic situation that has led to man’s complexity and insecurity. Early impotence at a young age differs in that a man most often retains the ability to get an erection, but loses it in the moment of intimacy (see also: improving erection – impotence, treatment of disorders).

To determine the psychogenic origin of the dysfunction, a general examination is performed. Once the organic causes of the disorder have been ruled out, it is necessary to ensure that the man retains the ability to achieve an erection at a reflex level. As already mentioned, the disorder can also be caused by disorders in the body. These include: atherosclerosis, diabetes, the effects of bad habits, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis, spinal injuries and others.

Impotence: What to do if you have symptoms?

Mixed-type erectile dysfunction often occurs when a man gets into a psychotraumatic situation due to a relatively minor violation of the potencies of the organic type, which becomes the main cause of the disease.

What to do with impotence of this kind?

Young men should keep in mind that such dysfunction cannot be relied upon or reduced. With any type of disorder, solutions should be sought immediately, as with almost 100% probability, any erection problem is curable. And the sooner you start treatment and diagnosis, the sooner you will return to a full sexual life.
Treatment of impotence in men

In case of impotence, only a qualified specialist – urologist-andrologist can help you. How to cure impotence, you need to ask a specialist in a medical center, and not look for magical ways on the Internet.

There are currently a number of methods for diagnosing impotence. Erectile dysfunction is successfully treated with physiotherapy procedures. Last but not least, the treatment of impotence is comprehensive, combining several methods simultaneously.