An erectile dysfunction is a terrible event. These failures are riddled with various rumors. Erectile dysfunction is getting younger these days – there’s a lot of stress in life, a cocktail of countless hours of work, immeasurable cups of coffee, cigarettes, and a sedentary lifestyle that puts many on your shoulders. However, the power of medicine has increased significantly in recent years, so even in the most severe cases, men’s abilities can be restored.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is usually made when a man cannot maintain an erection of more than 25% of the sex. According to American researchers, more than 150 million men over the age of 40 complain of erectile dysfunction worldwide. Fortunately, men have an opportunity to treat this intimate problem. There are four phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors on the Lithuanian market: sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil and the newest representative of this group, avanafil. For example, avanafil is an effective, fast-acting and well-tolerated medicines for erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to impotence, one should not forget how it manifests. The male organ consists of several porous bodies or, more simply, “sponges”. When excitement arises, blood actively penetrates the porous bodies, filling them. Sponges grow and harden. Mechanically, as the volume increases, the venous flow channels of blood from the corpus callosum are closed, contributing to reflex muscle spasms at the base of the organ. The increase and firmness are maintained until the nervous system signals the release of blood and the release of “sponges”. It is not difficult to guess that the brain sends such signals when work is done, after ejaculation.

There can be several reasons for causes of erectile dysfunction. Either the regulation of the process is altered (both at the level of the nervous system and at the level of sex hormones), or the stage of blood supply and retention in porous bodies. Fortunately for men, in recent years it has been shown that the majority of erectile dysfunction is not related to organic factors, but depends on the person’s emotions. These causes are called psychogenic and are much easier to treat. This is especially true for young people. The delicacy of the problem intertwined erectile dysfunction with several myths.