This is the subject of anecdotes, and even the famous grace has invented some amazing synonyms to explain it, but the inability to achieve and maintain artificial dysfunction (ED) – successful assembly work – is not considered ridiculous. This is a very serious problem, at least for those who suffer from it. This not only prevents you from having sex, but also undermines your self-confidence; This is because of the fact that the symptoms of heart disease and diabetes are even worse. This is a more common problem than we think: Moderately complete ED (sometimes not “stinging”) affects 8% of men over the age of 40 and 40% of people over the age of 60, according to the International Journal of Violent Research. . (Only those who dare to admit it in research).

The popular blue tablets sold since 1998 were a ray of hope; however, their potential side effects, high cost, and not saying why some people are ashamed of what they are going to buy mean that sometimes a solution has to be sought in pharmacology. Here’s the good news: yes, there are natural ways to forget about frequent stings. These are the recommendations how to treat erectile dysfunction of experts.

Use olive oil (a lot)

Increase consumption of “liquid gold”, fruits, vegetables, pasta and other items that contain the Mediterranean accepted diet. It has a beneficial effect on the heart, and cardiovascular disease is behind a large number of EDs, where impotence is not a disease but a symptom. “80% of male impotence is caused by vascular disease,” said Greek physician Athanasios Angelis in 2014. December. At the conference of the European Cardiovascular Society in Austria. If you keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels up, can one erectile dysfunction cures. “Testosterone in fat is converted into a female hormone, and cholesterol reduces blood flow to the penis,” warns Dr. Natalio Cruz, coordinator of the Andrology Group at the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU).

Quit smoking

Men who smoke have a higher risk of developing ED, and the more they smoke, the higher the risk. This was confirmed in 2007 by a study conducted by the University of Tula (Louisiana, USA). A study of more than 7,000 men in China between 2000 and 2001 found that 22.7% of dysfunctions in China were related to tobacco use.

Carry (but not by bike)

If you have structural problems, don’t lie on the couch. Exercise improves blood circulation and gives results. “By exercising, we can ensure that the vascular tree is ready to transfuse blood to all organs, including the penis,” explains Dr. Cruise. Any discipline is good except cycling. The saddle damages the perineal tissue and the arteries that carry blood to the penis. They make some cyclists feel uncomfortable, ”he said.

80% of fetal weakness is caused by vascular problems ”(Athanasios Angelis, Cardiologist).

Give the herbalist a chance

Arginine is an amino acid that increases blood flow needed for sexual intercourse. This was stated by medical author Victoria Dolby Toews in her book “Sexual Power” (Ed. Nowtilus). Arginine is found in high-protein foods such as soy, brown rice, chicken, walnuts, and dairy products; Of course, a glass of herbal glass. This specialist recommends taking two grams of arvin at night or one hour before sexual intercourse.

Similarly, some authors believe that some plants have aphrodisiac powers: they increase the energy of desire. He mentions more than half a hundred, from which he distinguishes yohimbe, ginkgo, and, of course, ginseng; extract that stimulates blood circulation in general (some are not recommended for people with hypertension). “Ginseng,” says Victoria Dolby Toews in her book, “stimulates sex hormones like testosterone.”

Relax: Meditate

Stress causes many health disorders, including ED. And not only that: impotence puts pressure on those who suffer from it, making it a vicious circle. Stress involves the movement of adrenaline that closes the arteries that reach the genitals; No one can build it, ”said Dr. Natalio Cruz.

Try to get rid of anxiety: rest, do regular breathing exercises, stay away from work, keep the problem going. You will see how your mood has grown.