Sex is present in our lives from birth to death, and its evolution is different for both men and women. And it is precisely in the case of men where the sexual ages are much more marked.

Have you ever wondered: What wishes do you hide at fifteen? When do you experience your greatest sexual splendor? When does your sexual potency begin to decrease? Specialists have pointed out that there are 4 sexual ages for men that start from 15 years old until past 70, according to the site yahoo

  1. Erectile dysfunction age 25 (young male): Power without control

Adolescence and post-adolescence are mainly characterized by a great sexual power, which is often exited through onanism (masturbation). However, the physical and psychic changes that take place until the arrival of adulthood cause some sexual instability.

Excess energy in the adolescent produces involuntary erections and night pollution. Despite the fact that virginity is lost at an earlier age, the section between 15 and 25 is a period in which new sensations are still experienced and is of great importance because sexual life will always be marked by these first Steps.

  1. Between 25 and 30 years (young adult): Experience and satisfaction

In this period, which extends to 40, sexual identity crystallizes and increases self-esteem and the need for physical contact. Sexual potency is high but moderate by stabilizing character. Erections are less frequent and take a little longer to reach their peak (between 10 and 15 seconds) and testicular ascent is slightly slower.

Masturbation is not the same as in adolescence, with a decrease in it despite the increase in pornography consumption. The most frequent problems are venereal diseases, misuse of contraceptive methods and addiction to sex and sex drugs.

Years of experience, in this period, turns the sexual act into a dominated matter, as Dr. Valdebenito points out, who points out that “Man believes that he is born learned, and little by little he realizes that it is not so: the sexual act improves with practice ”.

  1. Between 30 and 55 years (mature adult): Maturity and desire

Erectile dysfunction age 30. In this third period, the crisis of the 40s can be visualized, which is triggered notably in psychological sexual desire, but the body does not always obey the orders of the brain. From the age of 45, confidence problems begin when having relationships, so drugs that guarantee the erectile response are used.

Between 45 and 55 years infidelity cases increase mainly due to boredom, since in this period those perversions begin to appear that no longer provoke feelings of guilt. Masturbation hardly exists and the need to conquer exceeds the same desire.

As for erections, it takes about 20 seconds for the penis to become completely hard, its turgidity decreases and the period between erections lengthens. One of the big problems at this age is accepting that you are too young to use viagra and too old to have an instant erectile response.

The key is, as the sexologist Mario del Valle points out, to adapt to the new situation: “Many men think that their penis is like their hand, and it is not so; the penis has its own drive and reacts not to orders, but to desires. “

  1. Over 55 years (older adult): Sex after sex

As the sexologist Francisco Cabello says, “Sexuality in mature ages is different but not non-existent, we don’t climb the stairs at the same speed with 60 years as with 30, but we climb them.”

In this period time does not pass in vain, since from 75 years the erection can take up to five minutes to reach its peak, it costs a lot to reach orgasm and the penis requires much longer stimulation to achieve it.

The foregoing, physically, but mentally, the psychologist Charo Valdés Santoja affirms that “on the state of health and the knowledge of how certain diseases affect sexual life, it depends that even an enrichment of sexuality can occur” .